Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): For Seamless Teamwork Remotely

The workplace landscape is transforming every day with employees working from home and collaborating with other team members across multiple locations. Travis Consulting Group brings you robust UCaaS empowering communication and collaboration in work from home setting.

Working remotely may have been an option in the past, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made it mandatory for every company. However, studies show that only 30% of employers feel well-prepared to operate on remote working efficiently. Since remote working has now become a part of the business continuity plan, companies of varying sizes need to adapt to changing needs quickly.

What is UCaaS?

Unified communications as a service or UCaaS replaces the traditional phone systems with a variety of collaboration or communication applications and services. The comprehensive remote working solution UCaaS eliminates outdated, clunky, and unreliable systems and offer an enhanced communication channel without the need for expensive equipment. Companies of varying sizes can leverage this cloud-based model with advanced functionality to ensure seamless work from home.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, UCaaS from Travis Consulting Group can help you put an end to them.

  • App overload
  • Lack of communication modes
  • No cloud/mobile solutions
  • Little to no integrations
  • Long ramp uptime
  • Capacity issues
  • Poor call and video quality
  • Shadow IT-security threats
  • Frequent downtime

Get over the expensive traditional phone systems and enable a flawless team collaboration while working remotely with our Unified Communication and Collaboration.

Microsoft Teams- Microsoft 365 Business Video

Microsoft 365 Business Voice, as the name suggests, is an advanced cloud-based telephone solution offered by the tech giant in its Microsoft Teams suite. The application is a one-stop solution for all communication needs including chat, meeting, and calling. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an enterprise-grade reliable and secure phone system with built-in audio conferencing capabilities and a calling plan to make and receive calls from PSTN numbers.

A single app allows your team to call from anywhere to any device and also lets you host meetings or chat with our team members. Microsoft’s trusted servers offer 99.9% uptime and robust security.

VOIP Unified Communications

Travis Consulting Group offers two enterprise-level and industry-leading unified communications platforms to enable flawless communication while working remotely. We make remote transitions smooth and streamline collaboration to keep the team members happy while working.

Key benefits of our UCaaS

  • Video, chat, voice, and collaboration on one platform
  • IP based
  • Cloud-based PBX
  • Lower cost

These IT-based options come with easy setup and management enabling administrators and team members to easily perform different tasks such as changes, moves, adds, or disconnects that may take weeks or longer on a traditional system. With communication and collaboration streamlined, business owners can focus on more important tasks.


Travis Consultation brings efficient remote work solutions to help organizations stay productive and secure with employees in remote locations.

Remote working has become the new normal for many organizations across the globe, thanks to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. But as the remote work culture elevates, companies have started facing challenges such as efficient project and resource management, flawless communication, safe access to files, device management, and more. At Travis Consultation, we enable organizations from varying industries to create an effective remote work environment. With a wide range of enterprise-level tools, Travis Consultation ensures you a flexible and innovative digital infrastructure to manage your remote workforce while improving business productivity.

Future-Ready Remote Work Solutions

Whether there is an extreme weather condition or a disease outbreak, our robust remote work solutions can keep your business running unaffected by the uncertainties. Our future-ready services and tools can enable:

Seamless Data Access & Sharing

Travis Consultation provides companies with a leading Business Intelligence tool ensuring seamless file sharing and safe data access. With increasing cyber-attacks across the globe, it’s hard for organizations to safely operate without a robust platform with seamless file sharing and safe data access. We provide you with a private network to allow access to LAN resources from remote locations.


Increase your business productivity through process-automation with powerful Business Intelligence tools. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and resources in a remote environment.

Integrated Remote Communication

With Travis Consultation, you will get applications with built-in communication functionality allowing users to not only communicate but collaborate, share data while working together. Communication has statistically been the biggest challenge in a remote work setup but an effective.

High-Quality Multiparty Video Conference

With in-built real-time high-quality multiparty video conferencing tools, you can host meetings with your whole team. We ensure that you have the appropriate network and tools to share screens and files while hosting video-conferences. Stay connected with your clients and team with remote working solutions from Travis Consulting.

Benefits of Our Remote Working Solutions


Cybersecurity is in a dire state with anyone hardly offering robust security features in remote work solutions. Travis Consulting, an expert at cybersecurity, leverages advanced tools to prevent any potential breaches or cyber threats while remotely operating your business and collaborating with your team.


We enable companies to provide easy access to their employees or clients remotely. They can control and revoke access easily if required without the hands-on experience of computer applications.

Travis Consulting offers more than just a suite of tools & applications in remote work solutions. We ensure that you can rely on a full set of capabilities to efficiently run your organization from anywhere.

Save on Equipment & Resources

Not all, but most remote workers have their own laptops to work on with their own workspace, and all other essential devices. When an impeccable system like Travis Consulting enables flawless management, you can save a lot on equipment & resources.

Increase Productivity

Many employers argue that the work-from-home environment hinders productivity. But when you have seamless communication, powerful tools, and a hard-working team, work-from-home becomes the most productive environment.

“We have worked with Avada Law for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Avada Law know us and our business.”


Pick the Best VOIP Unified Communications Service

Travis Consulting Group keeps your communication systems up and running to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among team members while working remotely. Contact us to get a tailor-made UCaaS that can boost your business productivity.