With more and more phishing, e-fencing, and ransomware attacks making headlines every day, cybersecurity has become vital for your business. At Travis Consulting, we provide you with peace of mind by keeping your company safe from online threats.

As small to medium-sized businesses shift to the digital space, they are getting more vulnerable to the increasing cyber-attacks. These attacks can be deployed from anywhere around the world and penetrate even the highly-secured networks. With large-enterprises mostly secured by their in-house IT team, hackers usually target small and medium-sized businesses. Hackers find it easy to breach through businesses with no defensive measures in place.

A recent report by Varonis revealed that only 5% of companies have properly protected their folders. The report also revealed that 64% of Americans don’t know what to do in case of a data breach. Travis Consulting can help you secure your online business by detecting, identifying, and managing cyber threats efficiently.

Services that detect and protect

Hackers find it easy to breach through businesses with no defensive measures in place. With more and more phishing, e-fencing, and ransomware attacks making headlines every day. What was once considered a nicety is now a necessity. A cybersecurity program has become vital for your business. Our following Cyber-based services to improve your cybersecurity posture and awareness:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Security Program
  • CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool (CIS-CSAT)
  • External Threat Detection
  • Internal Threat Detection

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment services can identify critical system and network weaknesses in your organization. Each assessment includes:

  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Manual analysis
  • Verification of vulnerabilities discovered.
  • Prioritized remediation steps
  • Customized reporting

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance scanning also available.

Cyber Security Program

Travis uses a 5-step approach for building a Cybersecurity program.

  • Implement Control, Program and Risk Frameworks
  • Map controls to the categories and functions of NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  • Manage and Assess Risk
  • Measure CSP Maturity and Progress
  • Monitor and Measure Security

CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool (CIS-CSAT)

CIS CSAT enables security teams to track and prioritize their implementation of the CIS Controls. For each CIS Control and CIS Sub-Control (also known as a safeguard), CIS CSAT helps an organization track its documentation, implementation, automation, and reporting.

Travis can guide you through the setup and launch of CIS CSAT.

External Threat Detection Services

Cybercriminals might be deploying viruses, brute force attacks, or all kinds of external attacks  on your IT infrastructure. External cyber threats have affected many businesses in the USA stealing confidential customer information and gaining access to your business. Whether you have a website or you have multiple applications to operate the business efficiently, we can keep your core business information safe from harmful external cyber forces. External cyber attacks include trojan, phishing attacks, and many more targeted to steal sensitive personal information that has a price tag over the dark web.

At Travis Consulting, our primary focus remains external cyber threats since the introduction of technology in every business has given a rise to these attacks. We bring enterprise-level security suite to keep you safe from the elevating percentage of cyber attacks on small and mid-sized businesses. Our external cybersecurity features include:

  • External Network Access Scans
  • Secure Log Management
  • Centralized User Access Control
  • Web Host Server Protection
  • Centralized User Access Protection

Internal Threat Detection Services

Cyber threats originating inside the industry or organization due to certain reasons can cause huge data breaches. Cyber attack protection from the inside allows Travis Consulting to prevent accidental or intentional breaches from employees. When you are in our safe hands, never fear data loss, customer loss, employee mistakes, or any intrusion from the inside. Our experienced professionals work on advanced tools to quickly, detect, identify, and eliminate internal threats.


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