Managed IT Services for Nonprofits

Funding challenges are common among nonprofit organizations. Travis Consulting Group offers tailored IT services to nonprofit organizations and help them maximize benefits leveraging ProsperNet. Our cost-effective solutions allow you to maintain a robust IT infrastructure while also saving on the IT budget.

Travis Consulting Group offers filtered 24×7 managed IT solutions based on WAN/Cloud/LAN for nonprofit agencies across Nothern New England and Upstate New York. We understand that every business has different needs. That’s why our experts work closely with you to provide customized IT solutions to fit your business needs.

Seamlessly perform the following in your nonprofit organization using ProsperNet:

  • Assess and Remediate Your it Operation
  • Monitor and Manage Your Network, Servers, and Endpoints
  • Collaborate Using Unified Communication Technology
  • Avoid Phishing and Ransom Attacks
  • Protect Your Data
  • Manage Equipment Lifecycle
  • Support Remote Workforces
  • Educate Your Staff

Nonprofit IT Services & Products

At Travis Consulting Group, we ensure the flawless execution of all IT processes to help you stay stress-free. The following are the products and services we deliver to nonprofit agencies.


With in-detail network and security assessments, we provide an insight into the current IT infrastructure of the nonprofit organizations. Our experienced professionals then help you determine the problems and solutions post-assessment.

Managed Services

With changing times, IT has become a vital part of all types and sizes of businesses. We ensure that everything is firing smoothly with our IT managed services so that you can work on your goals. Travis can deliver end-to-end services whether you want to outsource IT or want support for your current IT staff.

Our managed IT services include, but are not limited to:

  • End-user Helpdesk support
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Secured Endpoints (PCs)
  • Servers
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Managed Print

Internet Service Provider

It can be challenging to determine the best Internet Service Provider for your organization. Travis Consulting Group considers different factors and your specific needs in budget or bandwidth to pick the top ISP for your nonprofit organization.

Collaboration/Unified Communications

We can streamline communication across your organization to stay updated with technological advances, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Get advanced voice, video, chat, and file solutions from Travis Consulting Group to collaborate and communicate more effectively. We tap into enterprise-grade technology and applications from Cove Central and Microsoft to empower unified communications and collaboration.

PC Refresh Services

Unwanted interruptions due to system failures can hurt productivity, but Travis Consulting Group can ensure that your team always works on up-to-date computers with our PC refresh program. From shopping for new equipment to setting-it-up, we can manage everything for you. With seamless replacement services, we deliver cost-effective and easy replacement of outdated systems, ensuring you don’t lose any critical data. Travis also offers assistance for existing equipment as per organizational needs.

vCIO Services

At Travis Consulting Group, we blend the right technology with years of experience to deliver an idea virtual CIO for your nonprofit organization. With vCIO services kept on different levels as per the unique client needs, we can help your nonprofit agency with the following services:

  • QBR (Coordinate identified vendors providing a QBR)
  • Domain and SSL Tracking
  • IT Hub with Best Practices Checklist, Vendor Tracking, and Activities Dashboard
  • Systems monitoring site 24×7 (add-in to IT Hub)
  • Technical Advisory Support
  • MyGlue documentation


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